Solutionairies is an environmental education project dedicated to shining a light on climate change solutions. Our mission is to mobilize people, especially young people, to discover, share and implement real, effective, action-oriented, community-based climate change solutions.

Our interactive storytelling applications, books, films and other media engage young people in climate change in new ways that are real, powerful and impactful.

Solutionaries Phase I: The eBook Series

The first phase of the Solutionaries Project is a three-part interactive eBook series designed to engage children in discovering climate change solutions and identifying with real-life “heroes” who are implementing those solutions.

The interactive model includes children working alone or in small teams (e.g., families, friends or classmates), and an online forum where children can connect, collaborate and share their discoveries.

Using the SOLE* (Self Organized Learning Environments) educational model of the TED prize winner, Dr. Sugata Mitra, children collaborate to answer three “Big Questions” in the eBooks and share their discoveries with other participating teams of children around the world.

This project is produced by Cool Planet Labs – a zero-profit, all volunteer think tank for mobilizing large audiences to take action on climate change solutions.
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